27 April 2010

Satmap Active10

Satmap active10 GPS unit
Just received one of these through the post by Special Delivery this morning from the UK distributors. They were after feedback about the unit from a mountain biker's point of view. I've only had a quick look so far as I'm waiting for a map-card to show up. First impressions in no particular order:

  • Replaceable screen covers
  • Easy to plot routes on the unit
  • ...which allows it to be used without a PC
  • Personally I like the button control as opposed to touch screen
  • OS mapping
  • Really solid bike mount
  • Decent carry case
  • Appears to have good battery life, will report more fully later on
  • so far, not much except the buttons need a firm press


  1. Looks nice, you bringing it on Tuesday? :o)

  2. I don't need it for Dalby, but may as well get everyone's opinion.
    There's another 2 people booked on for the course, see you Tuesday.