1 September 2011

Photo Session

Did a photo session today with James. Check out his website for some more images of biking & much more. I also particularly like some of the abstract images myself.

The photo opposite is from a previous ride with James on the Moors. Today was at the ace Dalby Forest trails & it looks like there'll be some cool images to come. Great day!

In a way the day seemed opposite to my usual 'work' days, in a good way. Helping you to get your riding sorted involves more than just 1 good attempt at something, so after an explanation & a demo you need to repeat it with maybe a few corrections until everything's working & then a few more times to get it built in to your body memory. 

So most days I tend to ride each bit of trail once or twice. Photo sessions, however, tend to involve repetition! I'm always aware of wanting to improve my own skills as well as customers, but I tend to assume it happens riding elsewhere, not Dalby trails I know off by heart. Today though, I was looking to get the line & speed really good on a berm to improve the photo. I ended up varying the line & discovered a subtle tweek was all it took to get a fair bit more speed through the berm. 

So I guess the point is that if you already have a skill nailed, the way to make further improvements is to session a small bit of trail until you get the feel for what might improve things. If all it's doing is reinforcing bad habits, then some coaching is probably in order - www.chasingtrails.com/mountain-bike-skills-courses   

More of James' photos will appear on the Chasing Trails website over the next few weeks.

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