31 August 2009

Paramo Velez Adventure Light W/proof Smock - pt1

Paramo Velez Adventure LightNew Paramo waterproof, 1st one that's not too hot for biking. So far it's all good - best worn with just a base layer. With all the vents closed it's warm, open the vents and it cools down enough not to have to remove it except in warmer weather

Best of all with Paramo stuff, the waterproofing never wears out, as there's no membrane. The layering system does the waterproofing, and you just reproof it with Nikwax every so often. Because there's no membrane, you can reproof it indefinitely, so they work out reasonable value. Also, they're among the most breathable outdoor waterproofs available

Downsides? Sleeve length whilst OK could be a bit longer for me, and it replaced an Endura eVent jacket that was lost at Dalby...

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