6 December 2009

Paramo Velez Adventure Light W/proof Smock - pt2

OK, a short re-visit to the Paramo. In short, great. As I mentioned before, I'd have the arms slightly longer, but there's not much in it & with the wrist tabs done up everything's comfortable & stays put

The big question; 'has it stayed waterproof?' - yes. And Paramo are one of the very few that always reproof properly when they need it. Good on & off the bike & seems much more resistant to dirt than most fabrics. Got splattered with Dalby mud the other day, the sort you'd think might not even come out in the washing machine, and it just didn't soak in

If you really don't get on with smock designs, unfortunately they don't have much else that works for biking. I wasn't 100% convinced that it would be as good all round as the eVent it replaced, I went for it because I wanted long life (from the Paramo, it doesn't make you live longer..) Now I've used it for a few months it all makes good sense

Another plus for the '10 version is the choice of a few more colours

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