18 February 2011

Extra Coast to Coast

As well as the scheduled English off road c2c there's another one running from the 20th - 24th May for Mike Jarmey & 2 mates who're riding to raise money for a couple of bee charities.

There're plenty of info on the web, but if you didn't know, bees are in decline. This is a problem mainly because of the free work they do. As well as all the honey, bees polinate lots of food crops. It's been worked out that you'd need around 1000 people to do the work of 1 bee.

So it seemed a good idea to help them out a bit with the cost of the trip. They're giving 100% of all donations to 2 bee charities & covering all the costs of the trip themselves. There's some more info & links to the charities on the Mayfield Group's website (of which Mike is a director). You can donate via a PayPal button at the bottom of the page or click here. Using PayPal for donations is another reason they can pass on evrything to the charities. All donations will be much appreciated whatever the amounts & you'll be able to follow the progress of the ride on the Chasing Trails twitter or facebook pages.

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