13 March 2011

Arrived in the post.

Coming up in the next couple of months will be a review of Green Oil's new wax lube. In an odd connection to the last post, this one uses beeswax instead of petrochemicals & plant ethanol as the solvent.

Green Oil is run by Simon Nash who developed the original Green Oil wet lube whilst at Southampton University. The wet lube does everything that any other wet lube does except that it's made from completely natural ingredients. It's also very reasonably priced.

I've used the wet lube & it's a great product. There's no hint of cutting corners on quality in order to be green, but also no compromises on the green side of things either. It's proof that you can do things well all round if you have the expertise & motivation.

I however prefer wax lubes as I find they need applying less often & the chain attracts less grit & dirt. Si had mentioned back at bikeradar live that there was a wax lube on it's way. So I'm expecting good things from this one.

Before applying wax lube you'll need to clean the chain. Green Oil's Chain cleaner is another quality product. Not sure why I haven't put a review up yet but there will be one witht the results of this test.

Green Oil's site is at www.green-oil.net


  1. So far it's been great stuff. The chain's stayed clean & the wax lube has stayed on through a good few dry & muddy rides.

  2. Speaking to Simon from Green Oil at the NEC Cycle show & he told me that the wax lube has been improved, with a higher wax content. This should improve the life on the chain & maybe make the bottle last longer as well. When I get hold of a bottle I'll let you know the results